Documenting Student Life: Using Omeka to Connect Students to the University Archives

Kayla Siddell


One of the many functions of our university’s archive is to document the history of student life and student organizations on campus. In the past students collected scrapbooks and other memorabilia, some of which would find its way to the university’s archive. Now, with the advancements of technology students are more likely to have images stored on their smartphones and posted to social media than to donate these materials to the archives. To better document student life on campus, the Special Collections Department at our university library developed a website called STATE-IT to engage students with the University Archives. Utilizing the Omeka platform, we house digitized archival materials, digital exhibits, and oral histories as well as provide a simple way for students to become part of university history by contributing images, videos, and documents to the University Archives. STATE-IT provides students with a convenient option to contribute their experiences as a student at our university while also giving them a glimpse into the past.


STATE-IT; Omeka; student organizations; outreach programs; University Archives

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