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Hall, Susan L., Mississippi State University Libraries (United States)
Hall, Susan, Mississippi State University (United States)
Hall, Tracy M., McNeese State University (United States)
Hampton, Nancy, Xavier University of Louisiana (United States)
Hecker, Penny, Southeastern Louisiana University (United States)
Hicks, Jim, Seinan Women’s University, The University of Kitakyushu (United States)
Hill, J.B., University of Arkansas at Little Rock (United States)
Hoffmann, Debra, California State University, Channel Islands (United States)
Hoffmann, Debra, California State University Channel Islands (United States)
Hrycaj, Paul, Middleton Library, Louisiana State University (United States)
Hrycaj, Paul, LSU Libraries (United States)
Hrycaj, Paul L., Louisiana State University Libraries (United States)
Hurko, Christine R. (United States)

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